photography: in-house bicycle

In-house Bicycle

photography: train front

Train front

photography: twins


photography: snowy train ride

Snowy train ride view

Riding in train during a snow storm. Taken on Slovenian Karst.

photography: filmstrip


Passenger cart.

coding: vortex

Check the code on Codepen:

photography: turntable service facility panorama

Turntable service facility panorama

Ljubljana train museum, Ljubljana, Slovenia

photography: goriška panorama

Goriška panorama

A panoramic photo of my home region – Goriška, taken on Slovenian/Italian border.

photography: detail of my spaceship

Detail of my spaceship

Detail of an old gas station roof on Tivolska street in Ljubljana.

design: bending space and time

Bending space and time

Bending with Droste effect.

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