– osmosis
– mapsforge-map-writer plugin
– as much free HD space as possible

Download Osmosis and mapsforge-map-writer plugin as specified in their docs (as of writing this I used osmosis-0.48.2 and mapsforge-map-writer-master-20200902.143123-360-jar-with-dependencies.jar). Inside of /osmosis root folder create a /plugins folder and put mapsforge-map-writer-<version>-jar-with-dependencies.jar inside it.
You can run Osmosis from /bin folder – if any additional plugins are present inside the /plugins folder, you will be able to use additional options when running commands.

By default Osmosis runs in-memory (default type=ram), however for large map conversions, it can run out of memory and even allocating more (JAVACMD_OPTIONS=-Xmx8G or more) is sometimes not enough (throwing OutOfMemory: Java heap space).

Switching to type=hd, it offloads the temporary data to your hard drive:

osmosis --rb file=your_map_file.pbf --mapfile-writer type=hd

Above command will store temporary files in your OS temporary folder location instead of using memory, but the process itself takes more data, so you need a larger amount of free space compared to running type=ram

Note: You can run java -XshowSettings and check value to see your temporary files location. In case your drive is full, it can be changed to another drive if you need more space. To convert a ~2.5GB .pbf file I needed ~50.0GB of free space for temporary files. I did the conversion on a Windows 10 machine, but it works the same on Linux.


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