coding: snooffline

js13k2018 challenge done in collaboration with Adam Giacomelli.
A 13kb javascript game done for the “offline” or “off-the-line and keeping the party going” 2018 code challenge theme, including hand written midi music tribute to Eric Clapton 🙂
Keep the bar leveled.
Play now!
Code freely available for forking on
Also check out my previous years entries Balls juggle and Baloon operator.

coding: 100k decimals of pie

100k decimals of pie visualized on html canvas – simple script alternates between 4 quadrants. Fiddle script:
Javascript’s Math.PI is limited to 15 decimal places, so we need to use a pre-rendered set of decimals (taken from

coding: rastapico

Rastapico from Jamaica is gonna chop some plants today! A simple Pico-8 8-bit game done in 12 hours.
Due to console controller key setup X = N – move with arrow keys.

coding: canvas based music visualizations

Sound wave to music javascript conversion – pixel by pixel, manipulated in a pattern.
Sample song by Soundtribe Sector 9 – Better Day

photography: snapshots of malta

Panorama of Valletta
Few snapshots from our 10 day trip around island of Malta and Gozo.
See full gallery >>

coding: animated dynamic data list row reorder with react


coding: grab 33

Tiny Sunday project – html game based on unicode characters as graphics.
Grab 33 - unicode graphics based html game by easwee.
This will probably render differently across various OS/browsers – depends on unicode support and it’s rendering. As far as I tested it works and renders nicely in latest Opera and Chrome (both Linux and Windows) – Firefox cuts part of smiley since it renders it bigger.
Try it below:

photography: wired


coding: generating funky patterns from a weird youtube comment

Recently I stumbled upon a weird, but interesting Youtube video comment.
That make my OCD go crazy
I decided to take a look at what characters may compose such a pattern, so I put up a tiny script to process the string, output unique characters and generate new random patterns with them.
Few interesting patterns that triggered some references for me (Opera on Windows 7):
Fantasy patterns.
The ceiling vines example is the most interesting since it concatenates the Combining Diacritical Marks directly without space and makes the pattern organic in a way. I’ve tried to run the same sample on Ubuntu Chrome, but it seems like it does not support rendering of concatenated marks, however Ubuntu Firefox does it well. The rendering is very inconsistent across OS/browsers.
Running sample (switch in select):

You can fork it from jsfiddle and try your own patterns in the config:

coding: 3d football field fiddle

Three.js football field basic 3d model. May be working more on this.
Run it here:

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