coding: roflcopter

A silly animation done by replacing characters in pre-formatted text.

Play with the code on Codepen:

coding: dotted polygons

A script that arranges dots into dotted polygons with N sides.

View on Codepen:

coding: noise tv

You can see and play with the code on Codepen:

coding: createjs game basics

More javascript practice! Used Createjs to create a game frame with core features like a pre-loader, key control and environment class. Would require object caching to run smoother.
You can check it here:

coding: invokelist – invoker spell casting trainer

I’ve been doing some javascript practice and remade the Dota 2 Invoker casting interface. It could be further improved, but I’m quite satisfied where this practice snippet got.
Run it here:

photography: panoramic view from štanjel

panorama štanjel
Panoramic view from Štanjel, Slovenia

coding: circular wheel css illusion

Focus on one dot to understand this illusion.

Check the code on Codepen:

coding: animate elements on spiral path with css

Live sample:
Check the code on Codepen:

photography: redbull flugtag skydiver

Red Bull flugtag ljubljana skydiver
Opening of Red Bull Flugtag Ljubljana with skydivers.

photography: in-house bicycle

In-house Bicycle

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