Bicikelj is a network of rentable bikes in Ljubljana. In this photo I was trying out our old Smena 8M camera combined with B/W film.

Bicikelj bike station

Slovenian karst countrised along the railway from Koper to Ljubljana during snowfall. Photo taken from train.

Slovenian karst

Old steam locomotive in Ljubljana train musem.

Old locomotive

A tiny creepy forest just over the Ljubljana bypass.

Tiny creepy forest

Sunset resembling a vulcano eruption over the city of Gorizia on the border between Slovenia and Italy.

Vulcano sunset

Pivovarna Union Ljubljana beer brewery silos

Pivovarna Union - silos

The view on Ljubljana castle from park Tivoli. A typical misty atmosphere during autumn in Ljubljana.

Ljubljana castle from Tivoli

Konzervatorij za glasbo in balet Ljubljana - vodni odsev Ljubljanice

Konzervatorij za glasbo in balet Ljubljana

Blocks of flats on Glinškova ploščad in Ljubljana

Glinškova ploščad I.

A straight row of electric poles over the fields in Prekmurje, Slovenia.

Electric poles

Sandy beach in Grado in Italy in a vintage style.

Laguna di Grado

One of the blocks on Glinškova ploščad in Ljubljana

Glinškova ploščad II.

A duck walking over ice on a local pond.

Duck on ice

Early morning on beach near Rimini, Italy

Early morning fisherman

Post office entrace reflecting in the windows of Petrol headquarters building in Ljubljana. Taken with Smena 8m on B/W film.

Post office reflection

Artificial Zbilje lake in Slovenia.

Swan lake

Interesting architecture in Ljubljana on Dunajska street

Dunajska vertikala

Thermal powerplant Šoštanj right after a storm.

Thermal powerplant Šoštanj