coding: css pacman

Pacman tribute – pure css animation.

See the Pen CSS Pacman by Anej Gorkič (@easwee) on CodePen.

coding: circular equalizer

Exploring the possibilities of CSS animations. No javascript.

See the Pen Circular equalizer by Anej Gorkič (@easwee) on CodePen.

photography: transit station

Transit station

Ljubljana train station in a post-industrial futuristic atmosphere.

design: encrypted


Post edited Mandelbulb3d render.

design: cik cak

Cik cak

Triangles in Fibonacci sequence.

coding: html5 audio api – oscillator

A very primitive oscillator device done with HTML5 audio api using oscillator node. Requires HTML5 audio api browser support (runs in latest Chrome, Opera and Firefox).

View on Codepen for correct pen rendering, since Codepen embed has sizing problems on embeded content: http://codepen.io/easwee/pen/sFpmo

See the Pen HTML5 audio API – simple oscillator test by Anej Gorkič (@easwee) on CodePen.

photography: jezersko

Jezersko panorama

15th august 2013, jezersko, slovenia

design: core

Building on Fibonacci sequence.

Building on Fibonacci sequence.

coding: three.js 3d rotating object with textures test

Playing around with three.js 3d javascript library.

Object with custom textures sample: http://www.easwee.net/code-samples/rotating-cube/

coding: rescalc.js – javascript browser window size calculator

A simple javascript solution for calculating width and height of your browser viewport – a handy tool for crossbrowser responsive design testing.

You can download it from github: https://github.com/easwee/rescalc.js

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