photography: panoramic view from štanjel

panorama štanjel

Panoramic view from Štanjel, Slovenia

coding: circular wheel css illusion

A CSS remake of a popular animated gif. Focus on one dot to understand this animation:

See the Pen Circular dots illusion by Anej Gorkič (@easwee) on CodePen.

coding: animate elements on spiral path with css

See the Pen Css stars on spiral path by Anej Gorkič (@easwee) on CodePen.

photography: redbull flugtag skydiver

Red Bull flugtag ljubljana skydiver

Opening of Red Bull Flugtag Ljubljana with skydivers.

photography: in-house bicycle

In-house Bicycle

photography: train front

Train front

photography: twins


photography: snowy train ride

Snowy train ride view

Riding in train during a snow storm. Taken on Slovenian Karst.

photography: filmstrip


Passenger cart.

coding: vortex

See the Pen Turbine by Anej Gorkič (@easwee) on CodePen.

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