easwee.net // tiny digital playground

about me #

Hello, Anej a.k.a easwee here, a seasoned web developer solving client's web problems and saving various projects for the last 13+ years. While I'm no stranger to full stack, I specialized in frontend development and optimization, making your websites and apps run at 60fps, improving your UI and UX, solving bottlenecks and refactoring messed up code back to sanity.

Currently mostly working with React and Next.js and making indie games with Godot engine in my spare time.

You can stalk my web presence on github, twitter, stackoverflow, codepen, deviantart and occasionally youtube or maybe bump into one of popular tech communities on Discord.

about this page #

The purpose of this page is to showcase all the tiny digital experiments that pile up on my hard drive and would otherwise remain unused. The server also runs a bunch of subdomains that provide various more or less usefull apps meant for general public consumption.

This website is built with 11ty optimized for a small and fast load. The entire network runs on a small cloud linux server, each app is it's own Docker container, while Portainer provides a clean GUI overview for quick management and monitoring. All of the subdomains and SSL certificates are managed by linuxserver/docker-swag container. Entire pipeline is automated through Github actions that build new Docker images when master branch merges occur and push them to a private Github package repository (ghcr).